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“I know her to be a person of uncommon intelligence, knowledge, insight, compassion and teaching ability. If you are seeking a teacher with intellect and creativity, one who is devoted to all kinds of children and dedicated to the highest principles of the teaching profession, you can do no better than Tani Toprakci.”

– Dan Armstrong, Oceanside Unified Educator

Tani Toprakci, M.Ed provides foundational learning skills in a way that allows lasting change and true learning support through neuroplasticity.   Learning is the process of making new synaptic connections and rerouting tasks in a way that is tangible to how the student processes information. Remembering and reviewing is the reinforcing of those neural pathways. Neurons that wire together, fire together. We know neurons are wired together when the processing of concepts and information is done with ease.

Over the past two decades, Tani Toprakci, M.Ed has created a system of tools that help solidify the understanding of the core subjects in the most direct way with the goal of eliminating the constant catch-up cycle and continuous anxiety for students and parents who are caught in it. She also has created her own non-phonetic reading program for right-brained learners who struggle with the traditional phonetics-based reading instruction- which happens to also benefit all types of learners.  She also provides guidance through distinct approaches that combine both academic and wellness support and tools.

Tani Toprakci, M.Ed provides a variety of options so that each family’s needs are being met. She provides one-on-one homeschooling and tutoring options to struggling students in one subject or more, as well as parent workshops, shadow observations/support, and works with parents on lesson planning and teaching strategies.

Every individual and family is unique. Tani Toprakci, M.Ed is knowledgeable of the whole educational path.  She specializes in tailored academic support that ensures that students are on an academic path that allows for every door of opportunity to be left open. She advocates accreditation and aligning with State and Common Core standards to ensure students are on target and meeting those benchmarks.