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About Me!

Tani Toprakci, M.Ed has been a private teacher successfully homeschooling and tutoring students all over the world with dramatic results for over two decades. She is an education consultant and founder of the learning program, THE TOPRAKCI METHOD. She has specialized in helping students who struggle academically and helping them achieve academic success. She is an educator in every sense of the word and believes the true idea of education is instilling the skills of life-long learners: confidence in one’s own learning ability, passion for learning new material, and the ability to transfer knowledge and those skills to the world at large. She believes in teaching to the whole child and knows that academics is just one part of the whole. She has worked with over five thousand students of all ages and types, ranging from the very young all the way through university. She has successfully transitioned struggling students into university as well as back into traditional academic paths through individualized support.  She is knowledgeable of the entire academic path and provides educational and academic consulting, teaching, and support to families.