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Academic Support

“Tani is truly a Godsend and our entire family would highly recommend her to anyone who struggles in any academic capacity. She will take you from the often daunting and intimidating place of learning to an exciting exploration of the subjects you were previously struggling with.”

-Angela Kroeger, Homeschool Parent

“Taniʻs work has been nothing short of tremendous.”

– Eric Dustman, Head of School, Montessori School of Maui

“Ms. Toprakci is a first-rate, well-qualified and experienced teacher who has always exceeded expectations. She is one of our very best tutors.”

– Director of Tutors International

Tani Toprakci, M.Ed is interested in long-term learning skills and independence. She takes the time to truly understand how a student processes information working with the goal of eliminating the continuous catch-up cycle that students often get caught up in for their entire academic career once they’ve fallen behind and the same problems arise year after year. The first step is acknowledging the need for intervention and additional academic support. 

Tani Toprakci, M.Ed specializes in working with students who struggle in the classroom setting and are below grade level and catching them up permanently in the shortest timeframe possible.  Typically these problems start to surface in mid/upper elementary and early middle school years, but sometimes as early as early elementary school. She works one-on-one to understand how the child processes information to create life-long learning skills and tools. In order for a child to be successful in the academic setting, they must have a solid foundation and be able to work independently to stay at the level of their peers. Tani Toprakci, M.Ed knows real understanding comes through dialogue and discussion, that this is a crucial component of integrating knowledge to become one’s own. Academic skills that are often overlooked are consistency in ones’ habits, confidence in oneself, and perseverance. Once a student is functioning independently, tutoring can be minimized and/or completely eliminated.  Although, many families choose to continue once a state of ease in academics has been established. 

Private tutoring acts as the most personal form of teaching. Beyond the leadership qualities a classroom teacher must possess, the close and very individualized relationship created between a private teacher and her student requires creates a unique connection that enables a student to thrive. There’s nothing that replaces one-on-one individualized academic attention. 


“At the beginning I was a little bit worried about having a 1-on-1 learning environment. I had always been more of a ‘sit in the back of the classroom’ student and so I was concerned about adapting to the different type of learning I was about to experience. My concerns vanished within the first few days as Tani had such a welcoming attitude and comfortable presence. The year of home-schooling with Tani has certainly made a positive impact on my academic career and will undoubtedly be reflected in my best work to come.”

– Carl G.,Homeschool Student

“I’ve learned more from Tani Toprakci than from all my teachers combined.”

-Avalon K., Homeschool Student