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“Tani’s expertise is evident in her ability to reach every learner.”

– Rusty Bresser, UC San Diego Professor and Educator

“I cannot thank Tani Toprakci enough.  She went beyond my expectations, helping my daughter to build her confidence. I am very grateful and thank her for everything.”

– Raquel F., parent

“We highly reccomend Tani. We’re so happy.”

– Kim West, parent

“Taniʻs work with our son has been nothing short of tremendous. In short time, she managed to tap in to who he is, form a trusting relationship, and accelerate his inner drive. While already a self-starter, he improved on his willingness to take risks and aspires to do more. He is aware of the areas that need his attention and he is putting forth the effort necessary to make them strengths. Gaining confidence in who he is and the talents he has to share are simply added bonuses when thinking of the value Tani has added to his life. Such a positive impact is felt among our entire family as well and we are grateful.”

– Eric Dustman, Head of School, Montessori School of Maui

“Tani came into our lives through the recommendation of a middle school principal in our area. At that time, our daughter had been assessed with “mild” dyslexia and ADHD. We knew we needed a special and skilled teacher to help our daughter with the struggles she faced both with reading and mathematics. Tani promptly assessed where the gaps were in our daughter’s education and immediately they began working together to create a strong foundation, academic confidence, and a newfound love of learning.

Tani has a plethora of experience as a teacher for core subjects as well as a unique approach to working with learning differences. It has been incredible to witness this transformation. Tani took our daughter from below grade level in reading, writing, and mathematics to a level of excellence in her grade level. This has and continues to be a journey which has taken commitment and dedication from both and the results speak volumes.

Tani has also provided her with tools for time management, organization, and focus which have been key to her success. Not only is our daughter doing well, she is thriving both academically and socially in her new school.

Tani is truly a Godsend and our entire family would highly recommend her to anyone who struggles in any academic capacity. She will take you from the often daunting and intimidating place of learning to an exciting exploration of the subjects you were previously struggling with.”

-Angela Kroeger, Homeschool Parent

“For two students with different learning styles, Tani successfully developed customized accelerated academic plans based on clear, consistent, and realistic expectations. Both students achieved successful academic results and also benefited in terms of personal development and self-confidence.”

– Michael G., Homeschool Parent

“I’ve learned more from Tani Toprakci than from all my teachers combined. She teaches me the best. She makes sure that I thoroughly understand everything.”

-Avalon K., Homeschool Student

“Ms. Toprakci is a first-rate, well-qualified and experienced teacher who has always exceeded expectations. She is one of our very best tutors.”

– Director of Tutors International

“I know her to be a person of uncommon intelligence, knowledge, insight, compassion and teaching ability. If you are seeking a teacher with intellect and creativity, one who is devoted to all kinds of children and dedicated to the highest principles of the teaching profession, you can do no better than Tani Toprakci.”

– Dan Armstrong, Oceanside Unified Educator

“At the beginning I was a little bit worried about having a 1-on-1 learning environment. I had always been more of a “sit in the back of the classroom” student and so I was concerned about adapting to the different type of learning I was about to experience. My concerns vanished within the first few days as Tani had such a welcoming attitude and comfortable presence. The year of home-schooling with Tani has certainly made a positive impact on my academic career and will undoubtedly be reflected in my best work to come.”

– Carl G., Homeschool Student

“She has the natural ability to create a learning environment that is fun for them and they always look forward to her next visit. There is clearly a high expectation of understanding and learning integrated with this fun. This task, which although may appear to be easy, is a sure sign of an exceptional teacher. She teaches in a way that allows all students access to the curriculum and freedom to create their own understanding. There is fluidity in her teaching style that allows the students to engage and even dictate the lesson when necessary. She creates organized lessons revolving around the big idea that are child-oriented to ensure each student’s success all under the guise of extreme patience.”

-Dynia Honrubia, Los Angeles Unified Educator

“It is obvious that Miss Toprakci loves teaching and enjoys the challenges that go along with education. She came into the school year midway and created a classroom of her own. The students and parents have come to think of her as “their” teacher as if she had been with them since the school year began. That is quite a feat.”

– Elaine Palazzo, Beverly Hills Unified Educator

“Her work ethic, passion for education and art, her patience, persistence, humility, loyalty and determination to support the young people she works with are an amazing combination of gifts for one person to bring to the table.”

– Anea Bogue, Venus Consulting and Fellow Private Tutor

“Seven months ago I hired Tani to tutor my teenage daughters in advanced high school math. Not only have their marks improved by entire grade levels, they have acquired an enthusiasm for the material that I haven’t seen in math for years. It is the enthusiasm that comes from feeling confident and successful about what you’re doing. Where other tutors were able to make small improvements through additional study time, Tani was able to make much more progress in the same time frame. Her techniques are thoughtful and professional. She pushes them hard but they respond well because they feel listened to and respected. I only wish that, as their mother, I could render the same result!”

– Michele Baldonado, High School Parent and Educator